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The Baie de Somme and Saint-Valery

The Baie de Somme and Saint-Valery

Exclusivity in the Baie de Somme / or Saint-Valery, a magificient point of view on the Baie de Somme and its changing lights.

The Domaine de Drancourt is located only 2 km away from Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, in the heart of the Baie de Somme which now belongs to the  "Most Beautiful Bays in the World club" and is among the "Great sites of France".

The discovery of Saint-Valery is an esthetical chock. Perceiving then going pass the marina is already a promise.

Without paying attention, we would be happy with down town with its walk along the Somme canal, fishermen houses with colorful facades, old stones, restaurants and café terraces...

Hidden at the end of the dock, we would find a charming beach. It is easy to understand why impressionist painters such as Boudin, Degas and Seurat have been fascinated by the place.

So, you may miss the medieval city without seeing it ! However,  discover it will enthusiasm you. It is superb, preserved, offering point of views on the Baie de Somme leaving you breathless.

The Baie de Somme became, in June 2011, the 10th french greatest sites and is also a member of "The most beautiful bays of the world club".

Largest estuary of northern France with nearly 7200 hectares, the bay offers a range of various lights and landscapes, according to tides and seasons.

It is also a multiple facets aera where natural spaces, seaside architecture and traditional activities combine.

What to do and see during your stay :

Discover the Baie de Somme : walking, canoeing or boating...

Randonnées et traversées de la Baie de Somme en compagnie d'un guide expérimenté. Faites partie de l'aventure ! :

Saint Valery sur Smme website :

Parc du Marquenterre :

First World War sites :

Château de Rambures and its beautiful rose garden :

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